Model: Grace Hartley

Grace Hartley & Jasmina – Blonde Beauties
June 25th, 2013

Grace Hartley & Jasmina - Blonde Beauties

Blonde lovers Grace Hartley and Jasmina are getting ready for a night out, but after Grace starts caressing and kissing her woman their plans change to a night of passion. After shedding their clothes, the girls come together on the couch and exchange eager passionate kisses peppered with touches to each other’s sensitive breasts that...

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Denisa Heaven & Grace Hartley – Exposed
June 4th, 2013

Denisa Heaven & Grace Hartley - Exposed

Standing outdoors wearing nothing but a pair of panties each, Denisa Heaven and Grace Hartley exchange long kisses as their hands wander each other’s slender bodies and full breasts. As things grow hotter, they move their make-out session to an outdoor lounge. Denisa settles Grace onto the white cushions and slides her lover’s panties off...

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Grace Hartley & Jenny Delugo – Memorable
May 28th, 2013

Grace Hartley & Jenny Delugo - Memorable

A flirty dinner for two turns into a full-blown make out session as Grace Hartley and Jenna Delugo flirt. Things escalate quickly, and soon the girls have helped each other out of their clothes and Grace has been helped onto the table with her legs spread so that Jenna can feast on the creamy sweetness...

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Marry Queen & Grace Hartley – Blonde Massage
November 18th, 2012

Buxom and beautiful, Marry Queen offers to give Grace Hartley the most sensual of massages. Grace settles back in the chaise lounge with a shy smile of anticipation as she watches her nude lover approach. With tender kisses and light touches, Marry slowly begins the massage. She slides away the towel that Grace has draped...

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