Model: Theodora Day

Theodora Day – Charmed On St Patricks Day
March 13th, 2023

Robby Echo is still in bed when his girlfriend Theodora Day comes home from work and inquires how his St. Patrick’s Day is. Dropping a kiss on Robby’s lips, Theodora tells him to stay right there while she gets a surprise for him. She struts into the bathroom and changes into green lingerie complete with...

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Theodora Day – March 2023 Fantasy Of The Month
March 1st, 2023

When Chad Alva is getting ready to go in to work, his wife Theodora Day dolls herself up so she’s locked and loaded for a good time. She’s decked out in sheer green lingerie so she can indulge in some St Patrick’s fantasies. Sneaking up behind Chad, she covers his eyes and then claims she...

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